A Beginner’s Guide To Cake Decorating

A Beginner’s Guide To Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating is the absolute new skill to adapt nowadays. The wonderful mingling of food with beauty has created a plethora of ideas and marvels for cake creators to explore. The demand for stunning cakes is on a definite rise as these sugar delicacies are needed for nearly every occasion that one can think of. From birthday parties and wedding receptions to anniversaries and showers, a beautifully designed cake makes any day more special.

Although the perfect rosettes, the swags and absolute finesse that we have seen on magazine covers and bakery stands might be too intimidating for a beginner, fear not! With proper guidance, it is easy to construct gorgeous constructions that are almost too pretty to eat! Experts have spoken about the principles of discipline and repetitiveness as the key secrets required to excel at the art and technique of decorating any cake. However, it is integral to begin with easy basics such as star flowers or a basket weave in order to not be discouraged initially. Proper supervision via online tutorials as well as cake decorating classes can then allow anyone to gradually adapt additional, more complex, techniques and create uniquely stunning cake.

The first step towards learning to decorate a cake is to stock up on the basics. Some basic tools that each artist requires includes cake pans, rolling pin, decorating tips, food coloring, fondant smoother, and general baking ingredients. If you require more decorating practice, you may also consider investing in a practice board.

Moving on, one must pin-point the specific component that you will be working on. Bakers have limitless recipes in terms of frostings to create. The recipes vary from a simple ‘Butter Cream Cake’ to a ‘Swiss Meringue’. This is a crucial step as the frosting is the key element that should not only taste good but also hold the fondant and decorations in place.

The final magical step is to play with the fondant. As a cake artist, you can experiment with various techniques such as using a royal icing lace accompanied with a steady hand to design intricate patterns on your designs for that wow factor, or maybe put up realistic sugar flowers that can easily be hand crafted and would definitely give your cake that wow factor.

Being passionate about anything will make learning that skill that much easier and enjoyable! It is important not to give up on your abilities and to practice, practice and practice some more in order to ultimately achieve perfection!

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