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Thank you for visiting the Bakemax Blog. As you may be aware, Bakemax was established over 30 years ago as the premier one-stop shop for cake bakers and cake enthusiasts across Nigeria. We aim to provide everything you need for fun celebrations, and pride ourselves on the quality and value we provide to our customers. We have recently launched a new website to provide up-to-date information on our company. In addition, the Bakemax blog will provide you with valuable information on the baking and confectionary industry, including resources, news, and events. Please bookmark this page, share with a friend, and sign up for updates and new postings via email.

We trust that you will enjoy the blog and find it valuable. Do you have a question? Is there something you would like to see? We look forward to receiving your comments, questions, and suggestions. We are also reachable via email on bakemaxventures@gmail.com. See you soon!




A Beginner’s Guide To Cake Decorating

Cake Decorating is the absolute new skill to adapt nowadays. The wonderful mingling of food with beauty has created a plethora of ideas and marvels for cake creators to explore. The demand for stunning cakes is on a definite rise as these sugar delicacies are needed for nearly every occasion that one can think of. From birthday parties and wedding receptions to anniversaries and showers, a... READ MORE




Starting a Cake Business Out of Your Home

If you enjoy baking and often receive compliments of the quality cakes and pastries you make, it may be time to monetize your skills. Opening a cake business and running it out of your home is an excellent first step. Some bakers do not have the financial ability to open a bakery in their first year of business, but opening a business out of your home is an excellent first step in the right... READ MORE

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