Starting a Cake Business Out of Your Home

Starting a Cake Business Out of Your Home

If you enjoy baking and often receive compliments of the quality cakes and pastries you make, it may be time to monetize your skills. Opening a cake business and running it out of your home is an excellent first step. Some bakers do not have the financial ability to open a bakery in their first year of business, but opening a business out of your home is an excellent first step in the right direction. Before you get started, consider a few key tips.

As a small business, most bakers and cake decorators should start with just a few orders at a time and then scale up from that point. To accomplish this, keep the following in mind:

  • Check with local regulations to determine the requirements for operating a business out of your home.
  • Invest only in the tools you need right now. A properly functioning oven, cake pans, rolling pin, decorating tips, food coloring, fondant smoother, and general baking ingredientsare good places to start. As you receive special orders and begin to build your product line, you can add new tools such as a turntable, fondant mats, silicone molds, and fondant embosser sets. Brands such as Wilton and Ateco manufacture high quality baking and cake decorating tools.
  • Initially, purchase product on an as-needed basis. Avoid over purchasing your baking materials now. Work slowly to build and grow your business. Ultimately, this will ensure your long-term success because your capital can go further over time. Fresh, high-quality ingredients will make an impression. Later, you may need to buy in bulk to save money.

But, where are those customers going to come from? With a limited budget, you will need to be more creative in marketing your new business. A good place to start is by word of mouth. Perhaps you can bake a cake for a family event and gathering of friends. Always have business cards available to hand out to guests. Create a menu that includes the types of cakes you plan to market and your pricing.Take pictures of your creations, and build a social media presence by developing a Facebook business page and an Instagram account. Begin marketing your cakes and pastries online. These are free tools that can provide valuable leads.

Over time, consider joining your local cake decorator’s association. Continuous learning is also key – take cake decorating classes and read books to keep updated on new trends and techniques. Eventually, your home bakery will grow too large for your kitchen, requiring expansion, additional employees, more supplies, and of course more product options to offer. Yet, it all can get started right from your home kitchen.

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